Are you ready to heal?

This 8 week course combines understanding yourself better, with beautiful healing experiences through psychology, sound, body and breath. The course will empower you to understand barriers and shift aspects of your life that are not serving you within a compassionate loving space.

Through weekly video calls (guided and facilitated by myself and my team) you will have the opportunity to be a part of a sacred community and safe container to explore your triggers, experiences to date and beliefs about yourself.

Learn to illuminate all aspects of yourself! Because you are divine and beautiful just as you are.

What to expect from The Illumination Project

I have had the most powerful experiences by investing in group transformational opportunities.

Connections with others who are also wanting to shift from old unwanted patterns of behaviour is so powerful!

Within The Illumination Project you will:

The Illumination Project takes place over 8 weeks and includes group, solo and accountability work.

16 x video group calls (two per week) guided by myself and my team (all recorded in case you miss any sessions). This includes one teaching/ experiential session a week and one session of supported group discussion.

Weekly ‘inner healing’ love work for you to do including journal prompts, healing meditations and access to my favourite content that I have personally used on my own journey.

Each week you will connect with a buddy in your group to ensure that you feel supported and maintain accountability.
You’ll also have the option of one-to-one sessions with me during the 8 week period. Each session is at a reduced rate of £111.

This experience has felt transformational - I have felt myself coming out of the cocoon which I realised that I had made for myself as a way to protect myself. Another major thing is that there is a firm knowing that there’s nothing wrong with me. It was all limiting beliefs which I was unconscious about. My relationship with my parents has also changed. All these years I never knew how to express my feelings and now I can easily communicate with them my feelings and this has even helped them as they have started expressing their feelings as well.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t miss out on this powerful transformative experience.

Are you ready to dive deep into your inner healing?​

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Cost £888 – option of instalment payments to be completed by end of the 8 weeks

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