6 weeks of healing and reconnection

This is a powerful space to RETURN TO YOU. To your power. To your sovereignty. With like minded women also wanting to shift to a newly awakened place.

This is a place of safety for deep healing and connection with yourself. It is a space which will allow you to explore, heal and expand through experiential practice, a guided curriculum and group reflection.

Through twice weekly video calls you will have the opportunity to be a part of a sacred community and safe container to explore your triggers, experiences, beliefs and to explore and heal from the things that are holding you back through powerful body, mind and soul connection practices.

What to expect from
The Healing Space

After what has been a very challenging year, we are in need of healing.
Welcome to The Healing Space.

Within The Healing Space you will:

The Healing Space takes place over 6 weeks and includes:

12 x video group online calls (two per week) guided by myself (all recorded in case you miss any sessions).

Weekly teaching, discussion and experiential sessions to allow you to explore and release.

Support using psychological frameworks and spiritual coaching techniques

Weekly ‘inner healing’ love work for you to do from our twice weekly calls which will guide you to ask yourself the questions to connect with your soul and bring you back to yourself.

Within the group you will have beautiful connecting conversations within a rotating buddy system

You’ll also have the option of one-to-one sessions during the 6 week period. Each session is at a reduced rate.

I had lost sight of my inner power and potential. Being surrounded by such a supportive group of incredible women has been so impactful. We all recognise each other’s struggles and achievements, and really hear each other. The Healing Space has felt like a safe space filled with love and non-judgement and through re-connecting with myself, I no longer feel that I am in self-destruct mode. You leave the Healing Space with a toolkit for inner healing, a new support network and a refreshed state of mind.


Does this sound like you?

Don’t miss out on this powerful healing experience.

Are you ready to dive deep into your inner healing?​

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