The Expansion Code

Ignite and activate the codes to live the life that you desire!

This is a 6 months trauma informed spiritual programme where we will:

  • Tap into your unique vision and get clarity for your life and start bringing it into reality
  • Work WITH your trauma and emotional wounds rather  than against them
  • Build capacity and resilience within your body and mind to  experience expansion into creating a life you truly desire
  • Step into greater self leadership in your life
  • Bring in joy, passion and excitement across multiple aspects of your life – bring in more of the yummy goodness!
  • Tap into potential and possibility and turn these into reality rather than an unachievable vision
  • Access powerful sisterhood community as you expand

This is for you if:

  • You have already engaged in some layers of deeper healing and inner work but continue to want access to a trauma informed container of support
  • You want to take a leap in your growth into unknown areas of life but want to be supported and guided through this process 
  • You want to FEEL that your trauma and wounds don’t stop you from LIVING fully
  • You are wanting to live but are not feeling that you are fully yet! 
  • You are want to step more into your passions and excitement whilst maintaining anchoring and grounding
  • You want to FEEL like a leader in your life and curate a life that you desire, rather than doing what you feel you ‘should’
  • You want to explore your passions, purpose and values and overcome discomfort and blocks to your dreams
  • You may have a business or are wanting to create one and you want to explore ways to step into deeper aligned creation and being seen in your authentic being
  • You are ready to take a leap into expansive growth whether this is with relation to your relationship with yourself, others, your future business vision or aspiration of how you want to live life
  • You want to develop a sense of community and support in the process of growth

What’s in the programme?

In this space you will receive 6 months of group coaching.   Each session will be a coaching, teaching and embodiment space and and will last between an hour to an hour and a half fortnightly.  Each month you will receive prompts/ self growth tasks to aid your expansion.  You will also have access to a private voxer group to lean into challenges and to celebrate wins.  This is very powerful for relationship building and learning to be seen in sisterhood. Especially if you struggle with the sister wound!

You will receive:

  • 6 months of group coaching sessions
  • Private group access for in between session communication
  • Accountability buddies
  • Monthly Growth tasks
  • Upgrade to VIP to access monthly one to one sessions with me!

We RISE the week beginning the 17th January 2023.


Pricing only £2555 if paid in full for the 6 month programme.

Instalment options:

3 x monthly payments of £933

6 x monthly payments of  £499

VIP Upgrade:

Add 6 x monthly one to one coaching sessions with Dr Rathika for only £1444

Paid in full £3999

Instalment options:

3 x monthly payments of £1411

6 x monthly payments of £744




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