Through Unity we Rise.

Welcome to the Collective.

In this space we come together to consciously heal, explore, co-create and ascend to an awakened place together.

This is a container where we unite in our healing. Where we show up in authenticity and are able to step into a space of truth. A return to ourselves. A space to integrate our darkness and shadows. A collective container to awaken to the light.

Now is the time.

This is a portal to find freedom from your suffering through a transformative integration process and a journey to return to your whole and true self.

What to expect from
The Collective Awakening

The Collective Awakening takes place over 12 sessions,
Tuesday 12th Oct 2021 – Saturday 22nd Jan 2022.

Sessions run Tuesdays, 7.30pm and Saturdays, 4.30pm.

All sessions are UK time.

Each week you will be given self inquiry prompts to allow you to self inquire.
Support using psychological frameworks and spiritual coaching techniques
Within the group you will have beautiful connecting conversations within a rotating buddy system
This is a community where we learn to share vulnerability and come together to open our hearts

Does this sound like you?

Don’t miss out on this powerful healing experience.

Book a discovery call

Are your feelings called to join this beautiful programme?

If you would like to connect about it then just book a dicovery call with me.

If you can’t do any of these times just drop me an email and we can arrange a suitable time.

Tier 1: The group transformational programme only is £999.

Tier 2: The group transformational programme and 6 one to one sessions for deeper exploration and support is £1999.

Please note that your space will only be reserved when a signed contract is returned and full payment or an agreed deposit has been received.

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