A multi-faceted programme of liberation for women wanting to heal, grow and step into their innate power

We have the responsibility to navigate our own wounds and traumas that can arise from the past or as part of current life.  And we deserve to receive and live in an expansive state of being as our lives grow and evolve!

It doesn’t matter how ‘successful’ you are, if you do not feel embodied and connected within your sense of being.

The Art of Integration is our most powerful and potent programme in terms of the combination of healing modalities used within it.

As a long standing team we work in unison to provide you with unconditional love, non-judgement and guidance to bring in a combination of psychology, spirituality, breathwork and energy healing. This is a unique and powerful programme that has served so many motivated women to rise and build capacity within their nervous systems and state of being.  To step into their authentic sense of self, anchor in grounding alongside powerful versions of themselves.  And to LIVE life. 

As you most likely know, unresolved emotional wounds and traumas can show up in so many ways.  In stuck patterns of behaviour, addiction, physical symptoms like pain and digestive issues, anxiety and depression, exhaustion and so much more.  It can also show up in how you serve others.

Within the Art of Integration we have supported clients to move from high levels of anxiety to groundedness. We have supported women with digestive issues to feel a sense of peace within their bodies after years of discomfort. We have supported those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress to find deep connectedness and safety within themselves.  And those who are experiencing exhaustion and panic attacks to return to who they are and find empowerment and harmony.  And we have also supported women to expand and stretch their nervous system capacity to receive more of the life they desire!

This is a programme that cannot be replicated or that you will find elsewhere due to the level of expertise that we provide in guiding you and because of the way we work together as a sisterhood team.  This makes it next level in terms of our collaboration in how we support you.

It is an investment for those of you ready to up-level your life on all levels and to find a space of freedom within yourself.   

This is for those of you ready to heal, expand and shift. For those of you ready to find liberation within and to return to anchoring in who you are.

In this programme as a team of experts in our own fields we bring our diverse range of skills to support you in potent and beautiful ways.

This will be particularly powerful in allowing you to process trauma and any current challenging experiences that you are facing through a unique specialised and skilled approach.

You’ll work with myself and Rachel through a carefully planned programme of holistic, psychological and spiritual support over 6 months (with an option to extend to 12 months)

If choosing to extend this programme to 12 months, you will go on to access 12 fortnightly powerful integration sessions with myself (over the additional 6 months) to consolidate the strategies and practices you have learnt into daily life and to build your personal capacity and resilience.  

If signing up to this programme you also get access to  the Healing through the Shadow Self course and access any group programmes or masterclasses that I run over the next six months/ year including the Connected Leader Trauma Informed certification starting in October 2023.

Trauma Informed psychologically and spiritually guided sessions with Rathika. 

We will use these sessions to deep dive into what is coming up for you and work through a unique process tailored to your needs.

Consists of an initial 75 minute session, followed by 11 x 60 minute sessions (Bi-weekly). All delivered online.  This will be 24 sessions should you choose the 12 month VIP package.  Voxer support available for the first 6 months.

6 x 90 minute online sessions with Rachel, incredible energy healer and breathwork teacher who will support you to clear and unblock your chakras.  These sessions will enable clearing and cleansing.  

Access a library of resources including meditations, mini courses and self empowerment tools – everything I have created for masterclasses and for clients over the last few years.

This beautiful 6 week self guided course allows you to tap into your subconscious mind for deeper self exploration and healing.  

When you sign up to this programme you access a FREE place on any of my programmes over the 6-12 months (as long as they are appropriate to you).  This includes the Connected Leader programme in which you receive trauma informed certification.

Although physically in the same place I feel like mentally, spiritually and emotionally I have re-located and I now see life and the world from a completely different outlook. It is truly a wonderful magical place to be and I am so very very grateful for this. I would not have been able to create such a huge holistic shift without the love, care and support I was shown.

Does this sound like you?

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The Art of Integration is a transformative deep dive programme for conscious leaders and entrepreneurs.  It is a 6 or 12 month month one-to-one programme to allow for deep healing, integration and expansion.

The price is £8888 if paid in full for the 6 month package

The price is £11,999 if paid in full to upgrade to the VIP 12 month package 

Instalment options available

For the 6 month package pay £1629 per month

For the 12 month package pay £1099 per month

(Both options include access to the Healing through the Power of the Shadow Self Course (£149) and all programmes/ masterclasses that start during the duration of your programme.  Please note that these are bonuses to the programme).

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