Healing through the power of the Shadow Self

Tap into your subconscious mind for deeper self exploration and healing

This beautiful 6 week self guided course allows you to tap into your subconscious mind for deeper self exploration and healing.

Our subconscious thoughts and beliefs about the world – and who we are in it – impact how we react, respond and behave. They can impact how we see ourselves and therefore our relationships. This inner work is so important in allowing us to experience freedom within our lives.

This course will allow you to tap into this self exploration. It’s all about diving into healing at a deeper level through connecting with your subconscious mind but doing it at your pace and in your own time.

This 6 week course (beautifully spaced out to allow for plenty of processing, feeling and resting between sessions) is a combination of pre-recorded video teaching sessions, audios, journal prompts and the option to book coaching sessions with me (which I strongly recommend).⠀

Over the course of 6 thoughtfully paced weeks, you will be guided through a combination of:
Exclusive audio meditations & more
Journal prompts
and reminders
Optional private

What others say about the course

This was really the first time I consciously explored my subconscious patterns and traumas, despite years of mainstream therapy. The course provided the safety and support that is so essential when doing this kind of work.

Rathika’s guidance was so unique to anything I’d experienced in the past! The content of her course left me with so much more awareness and understanding around the mother wound, generational trauma, self-limiting beliefs, my inner child and triggers. And through the entire process, the undercurrent was always self-compassion, non-judgement and radical self-acceptance.

I truly believe meeting Rathika has been pivotal in my journey of self-exploration, love and compassion. Choosing to have an individual session with Rathika was the best decision - the icing on the top! She held such a safe and loving container for me to really FEEL into what was going on for me, and I came away from the experience with such meaningful clarity and ability to cope with recurrent triggers.

I attended Rathika’s course and experienced a one-to-one session with her.

Even though this was challenging work Rathika provided me with a process that is gentle and playful.

The journal prompts are simple yet powerful.

Combined with the reassurance that ALL of me is welcome (which rightly so she drilled into us over and over) it’s a strong foundation for moving through deep blocks and healing wounds.

I feel more confident in my ability to self enquire, more accepting of the parts of me that I have previously been ashamed of and more able to give myself what I need moment to moment.

And when I don’t that’s bloody ok!

During the 6 week course,
you will learn:

  • Understand what shadow work is and how to do it
  • Explore personal triggers, reactions and responses
  • A guided, grounding meditation
  • A special bonus video on common questions you may find also come up for you
  • Journal guides
  • Exploring your ‘good’ side and what this teaches you about the ‘standards’ you have created for yourself.
  • Journal guides
  • Understanding the impact of generational and societal wounds
  • Exploration of the repeating patterns within your own ancestral lineage
  • Journal guides
  • Understanding and navigating the mother wound
  • Understanding how the mother wound personally affects you. 
  • Exploring narcissism
  • A special bonus video on common questions you may find also come up for you
  • Journal guides
  • The inner child connection – exploring your inner child needs and healing through meditation.
  • Journal guides
  • Re-parenting:  Focusing on 4 key areas of re-parenting.
  • Intention setting for your re-parenting of yourself. 
  • Journal guides
  • Shifting and integration – entering a new way of being.
  • Journal guides

A psychologically and spiritually guided session with Rathika. We will use this session to deep dive into what is coming up for you.

Consists of one initial session, all delivered online for convenience.

Before embarking on this course please be aware that consciously attempting to explore the hidden or subconscious parts of ourselves can feel difficult and challenging at times. It is so important during this course that you embark on it from the place of an observer and that you really care for your whole self in the process as it may bring up or trigger subconscious wounds. Each module will be released to you every week but it’s up to you at what pace you take it – that’s the beauty of this course!

If you would like to purchase this course and feel guided during the process, you can buy a coaching session alongside it which I would highly recommend. If you would like more sessions for the duration of the course, please contact me on rathika@thespiritualpsychologist.co.uk

As with all courses like this it is important to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing so please ensure that you feel in a good place emotionally or feel ready to do this work. If you are feeling at risk within yourself I suggest that you look at the following websites or helplines to seek further support.

Samaritans: You can contact Samaritans 24hrs a day, 365 a year on 116 123 (free from any phone)

SANEline: If you are struggling with mental health or supporting someone else you can call 0808 164 0123 (7pm-11pm daily)

The Samaritans
Rhode Island – (401) 272 – 4044
New York – (212) 673-3000
Boston – (617) 274-0220

1-800-273-8255 (1-800-273-TALK) – National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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