Get a unique coaching experience that blends psychology with raising consciousness and spiritual guidance.

When you work with me you are receiving it all. My spiritual ability to literally feel and sense when you are triggered, responding to challenging emotions or are feeling blocked, alongside my depth of knowledge from working as a psychologist. 

I understand trauma and the impact of it. 

I am also trauma informed in my approach, so I will ensure that you feel safe.

Are you ready to Heal and Awaken?

The 8-week Heal and Awaken is all about healing, aligning, awakening and returning to YOU.

Underneath the hoard of thoughts you might be having about yourself. The anxiety. The stress. The low vibration.

I am here to support you to get unstuck. To explore at a deeper level. To make the unconscious conscious. To help you to shift your beliefs about yourself and to transition to a more aligned place.

I work in a unique way by bringing my experience as a psychologist with spirituality to help you to create powerful transformative shifts through working with your body, mind and soul.

Over the 8 weeks you will also work with a registered nutritional therapist and functional medicine coach to help you explore key factors such as sleep, stress levels, gut health, diet and movement.

I honestly do not know where I would be without Rathika's input…..her gentle, compassionate manner and incredibly skillful therapeutic approach is really quite unique. I felt that she provided me with a very safe space to explore some very painful experiences in a way that helped me understand how they were impacting on my perception of myself and own actions, which then enabled me to move forwards after being stuck for so long.


How I can help & support you

Heal and Awaken takes place over 8 weeks and includes:

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This exclusive seminar will help you understand the 6 key steps you need to take when starting to heal yourself.