A One to One Mentorship

This is a mentorship for the aspiring or seasoned leader and spaceholder who is invested in their growth and evolution.  For the one who is here on a mission to live and guide from a space of truth, alignment and authenticity.

This is a powerful space where I am here to guide you to activate your gifts and empower you to move to a space of anchored, soul aligned living and leadership.  Within this space I support you as a highly skilled space holder and emotional confidante to enable you to find freedom as you navigate challenges and learnings that are arising for you – as leaders and space holders for others we are also human and our own connection and support is vital to our growth and impact on collective healing.

This co-creative space is your gateway to accessing greater freedom, alignment and expression within your life and work, activating and cultivating a greater sense of inner peace, excitement, raw natural wildness and harmony.    

The beauty is that when you LIVE and LEAD life in a way that feels truly aligned you also SERVE others (e.g. family, friends, your business and clients) in powerful embodied ways. 

As leaders we are in cycles of constant evolution and growth; of death and rebirth.  And I am here to provide sacred space for you to move through the cycles of life.  To enable you to live and act from a place of empowered and embodied being.

Are you ready to LEAD?

Freedom to Lead is a 4 or 6 month mentorship.  

I am here to support you to find your inner wild. To learn or return to leading yourself through life and work with powerful intention.  To enable you to evolve at a deeper level.  To make the unconscious conscious and support you to transition to a place of wild anchored being whilst also feeling deep connection and safety within your body.  

I work with you in sessions and beyond to activate your deeper desires, your wildness and soul callings in life and we explore all facets of who you.  What lights you up.  What is hidden and yet to surface into reality.  

I work with you through utilising my signature multi-modality approach –  bringing my experience as a psychologist in seamless unison with spirituality, embodiment and powerful coaching to activating your inner wisdom to help you to create powerful transformative shifts which can manifest in different ways – often way beyond this container of guidance.

I came into this journey after a big life decision and felt a ton of bricks on my shoulders from the grief..... We finished with a major transformation that I have been pushing away for almost two years in my own business: finding the joy for me again. Not for my clients or my kids, but joy for me. I feel lighter and more hopeful.....the grief and sadness left and made space for joy and motivation! I launched two new courses in just 2 weeks.

Does this sound like you?

Freedom to Lead is a 4 or 6 month Mentorship which includes:

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Freedom to Lead is an intimate transformative 4 or 6 month one-to-one mentorship to allow for thriving and embodiment across all facets of LOVE, LIFE and BUSINESS.  This goes way beyond sessions!

Below is pricing if paid in full prior to starting

The price for 4 months is £4999

The price for 6 months is £5999

Instalment options available:

The monthly mentorship is:

£1250 on a monthly basis for the 4 month option 


£999 on a monthly basis for the 6 month option

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