Free Workshop: The Sacred Pathway To Re-connection

A brand-new *free* workshop with Dr Rathika Marsh, The Spiritual Psychologist

28th September at 4.30pm BST

To celebrate the launch of my new group programme, The Collective Awakening, I would like to invite you to a special workshop! 

We can feel powerless in ourselves.  Stuck and unable to create change.  It can feel exhausting.  The sacred pathway to re-connection allows you to return to body, mind and spiritual connection. 

This powerful workshop is one to attend if you are…

  • Feeling stuck in your darkness- anxiety, shame, stress, guilt, worry or loneliness 
  • In your head and disconnected from your body
  • Feeling a sense of disconnection from yourself and/or source energy
  • Fed up of being stuck in repetitive thought loops or patterns of behaviour
  • Living a life with aspects that feels out of alignment 
  • Desiring change but struggling with the motivation to create it
  • Lacking connection with the sacredness of life

If so join my FREE workshop to realise your power in re- connection with your whole self. 

Register and book your space now! 

During our time together you will:

  • Understand why returning to your whole self is so important and what this actually means
  • Reflect on all areas of your life and start to channel ideas to empower you
  • Return to what YOU desire from your life and come back into alignment
  • Learn simple strategies to return to body, mind, soul and spiritual alignment 
  • Start to dismantle internalised conditioning and return to the real truths about yourself
  • Connect with your soul and higher mind, god, universe to allow a return to deeper connection. 
  • Take part in a powerful energetic  practice that  will allow you to return to your power. 

Plus, you’ll receive these awesome bonuses!

Upon signing up to my FREE workshop you will receive access to 10 FREE JOURNAL prompts to get you shifting to re-connection with yourself AND you will also receive a SURPRISE at the end of the workshop on the day!

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Join my FREE live online workshop to realise your power in re- connection with your whole self.

28th September at 4.30pm BST

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    How long is the workshop?

    1.5 hours (to allow space for flow, practices, teachings and questions!) 

    What should I bring?

    A journal, pen & headphones are needed for the exercises we complete. Make sure you are comforty and ideally that you are in a space where you won’t be disturbed.  Get cosy, light a candle and trust that you will receive exactly what you need. 

    Do I have to speak in the workshop?

    Nope! Although any questions are invited.  You can just join the workshop on Zoom, sit back and take all the goodness! No stress needed love! Any questions just give me a shout. 

    Will there be a recording?

    Everyone who signs up will receive a recording 24 hours afterwards in their inbox so don’t worry if you miss the workshop live.


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