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In February 2021, comes my 4 day conscious healing retreat. This experience will allow you to explore the aspects of your life that no longer serve you. It will support you to understand the stories that you have been telling yourself that are blocking you from living the life that you want to live.

It will be a powerful healing experience allowing you to integrate the aspects of yourself that you are struggling to accept, let go of or shift.

This heart led retreat brings together psychology and spirituality together to raise your consciousness through body, mind and soul.

We will be running 6 main sessions which will involve teaching and experiential practice to explore different aspects of your life.

We will explore the stories that we tell ourselves and how we can create new ones that better serve us. We will explore the impact of the early experiences and messages that we are given on our perception of the world.
We will look at how our experiences impact on our nervous system and how we can re-set this using powerful tools. We will tap into the strategies that you can use to connect to and re-parent yourself. We will explore inner child connection and how this will allow you to honour your longer term needs to live the life that you so deserve.
The underlying feelings that prevent us from doing so much. In this session we explore what we really fear. We look at how feelings of shame are created and the impact of it on our lives. We use this session to dive deep into our fears within a safe and supportive space.
Letting go of the things that no longer serve you. We will explore why it can feel difficult to let go of people or situations. We will go through a powerful shifting and healing experience to support you to process whatever it is that you are holding onto. We will learn how experiences mirror to us something about ourselves and how we can use these experiences to learn what we desire in our lives.
Creating and manifesting the life that we desire. We look in this session at what you individually desire from your life. How do you want to think? What do you want to believe? What do you want in your life? We explore and shed blocks that are preventing us from living the life that we truly desire so that we can live the life of highest excitement that we are so worthy of!

With professional chef Sal Dhalla.

Sal’s mission is to elevate the mental and spiritual impact our relationship with food and cooking has on our lives to the same level as the physical, nutritional side. It’s about the importance of honouring mind, body and soul in our food and self-care in general, and the potential to access practical, tangible spirituality in everyday life, by reconnecting to the joy of food and intuitive cooking.

Rathika’s gentle nature is so warm and relaxing. She is able to gauge your mindset beautifully. I can’t recommend her enough. Her ability to illuminate areas of your inner self will benefit anyone in every aspect of their life.


What else is included?

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The all inclusive price for this 4 Day Conscious Healing Retreat is £1,222, based on having your own luxury room with ensuite facilities.

Numbers will be kept at a reduced level to keep in line with COVID-19 regulations.

If you are interested in sharing a room (if possible under COVID-19 regulations at the time) then please contact me for reduced rates.

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