Hello beautiful and welcome to the Connected Leader.  

A 6 month journey that blends spirituality and psychology in powerful ways.  

Do you want to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom, uniqueness and gifts to the world?

Do you want to develop psychological knowledge and integrity?

Do you want to create deeper impact? 

The first part of this programme is about deepening your connection to your personal gifts, purpose and mission.  It will be a spiritual journey of cultivating a greater sense of inner power, enoughness, worth and confidence.  The second part is about building high level understanding of psychological frameworks and knowledge- giving you the skills to support others in a potent way to create transformation and impact at a greater depth whilst holding integrity and safer spaces.

  This is for you if you are feeling called to go deeper into your spiritual journey and learn the depths of psychology to create powerful impact in your work.

Let the Connected Leader begin! 

Love Rathika xxx


The programme is a 3 module journey with live calls, live teaching and coaching weekly culminating in a bonus 2 night in person retreat.  The next round starts in October 2023.  Recordings of each call will be accessible if you cannot make the live.  All calls will be at 4pm GMT/ 8am PST/ 10am CST.

Aside from the live calls, course modules will be unlocked with powerful guided processes and soul work material in your beautiful Connected Leader Manual, and much more

Explore the Course modules

Module 1:  Deepening your connection with self and building confidence and authenticity

6th April

Call 1 – An introduction and opening ceremony for the Connected Leader

Welcome to this journey!  We connect in ceremony with our ancestors, spirit guides, with ourselves and each other with the medicine of cacao and begin our journey into the fundamental principles and practices of the Connected Leader. 

12th April

Call 2 – Inner Work: Integrating the shadow with our light

In this session, we look at the importance of inner work to enrich our own lives and those around us, our path and staying centered in our true purpose.  

19th April

Call 3 – Live Coaching: entering our shadows as leaders and guides 

An opportunity to dive deeper into your own shadows in being a leader or guide to others.

26th April

Call 4:   Tapping into your wild woman, your personal gifts and offers to the world

Explore how to work in a way that activates you so that you can support others in liberating ways.  A creative space to get ‘out of the box’ and create and work from a unique place of being – connecting to your inner blueprint.  In this session you are invited to bring in the medicine of cacao to support you to receive messages from spirit.

3rd May

Call 5: Subconscious re-patterning

Shifting subconscious beliefs within through re-patterning practices and identifying conscious and subconscious responses. We will go into an immersive ceremonial healing journey.

10th May

Call 6:  Exploring the field beyond: Working with your energy

Learn to facilitate and support in a way that gives you energy, rather than depleting it. Learn to understand energy from a spiritual perspective and how to work with it to heal. You will receive tools, rituals and practices that will assist you to work on the level of energy and enhance your practice.

17th May

Call 7:  Live Coaching: entering our shadows and light as leaders and guides 

An opportunity to dive deeper into your own shadows and light in being leaders and guides within a safe space.  

Module 2:  Giving you the psychological skillset to deeply support others in your work

24th May

Call 1:  The foundations of high quality healing spaces and creating the experience of ‘transformation’.  Understanding where to start when guiding others and the pace at which to move.  Working with your own ego; finding the balance between safety and challenge.  Combining psychology with spirituality to create change. 

7th June

Call 2:  Identifying ‘skill set gaps’

A deep dive into understanding your own skill set gaps for your work  – when we identify and assess we can fill in the gaps and build your confidence as a leader.  We will tune into your vision.

14th June

Call 2:  Understanding the impact of early development and childhood experiences 

Teaching in understanding how trauma and emotional wounds can impact on the lived experience and perception of the world and our relationships with others within it.  We deep dive into deeply understanding people’s potential experiences of the world.

Call date TBC

Call 3:  

Understanding the nervous system and impact of it on the experience of healing and growth.  A map of where to start and where to go.  Special Guest speaker.

21st June

Call 4: How emotional wounds impact on experiences and readiness to move forward. 

28th June

Call 5:  The core tools in aiding and supporting healing and growth.  Explore and understand strategies and approaches to deeply support and aid change for those you work with.  Understanding the difference between being ‘trauma informed’ and ‘trauma aware’.

5th July

Call 6:  Live coaching support and guidance – Exploring how best to support and lead, overcoming blocks and grounding in your skillset.  What you do when you feel stuck with supporting others.  Tuning into blocks you might experience with your clients and support around how to move forward.

6th July

Call 7:  Effectively and skillfully holding group spaces online

Deepen your skills in holding group spaces.  Understand the challenges and skills needed to effectively support and hold spaces online and on Voxer/ Telegram or Facebook.  Guidance around how to hold safe spaces that feel honouring of your clients needs and of your own

Module 3:  Creating deeper integrity, solid foundations and reputation in your work

There will be live coaching in built throughout this module.

9th August

Call 1:  The most common pitfalls in leading or guiding spaces and how to build solid foundations in your business for longevity.  Ensuring safe and ethical practice for yourself and your clients for now and the long term.  

16th August

Call 2:  Deepening impact through understanding cultural, community and individual differences and understanding sensitivities around these including supporting those who are neurodivergent.  

23rd August

Call 3:  Building up your business in a way that feels aligned yet holds integrity.  Creating the blueprint that works for you and your values.  Overcoming challenges like comparison and staying in your vision and centered being.

6th September

Call 4:  Marketing in a way that feels authentic, ethical and that honours both you and your clients.   How to create a social media platform and history of work that authentically honours who you are and what you offer.

13th September

Call 5:  Live coaching:  Building and creating offers that honour your joy, excitement, commitment, vision, wealth and desires.  

20th September

Call 6:  Final ceremony.  A celebration calling in the medicine of cacao to celebrate your wholeness, journey and gifts to the world.

Please note that call dates or times may vary slightly on occasion.

2 night self restoration retreat

Join a 2 night in person event coming together for self care and restoration as we come into the autumn/ winter season.  We come together for deep nourishment, self reflection and invitation of the new. Leave feeling nourished and activated within.  Inclusive of a beautiful cacao ceremony.  The in person event will be held at a beautiful venue in the UK and will be inclusive of meals, snacks and hot drinks over the 2 nights as well as accommodation.   Travel not included. 

What's included?

What’s included:

  • Potent online teachings and live coaching
  • High level teaching from an experienced psychologist
  • Private group mentorship for the entire duration of your journey.
  • Powerful guided processes that will assist you to connect
  • Recordings of LIVE transmissions and Ceremonies
  • Access to the Spiritual Psychologist library of resources to enhance your own journey and work.  
  • Regular reflective practices in your beautiful Connected Leader manual
  • Receive deep healings and guidance for your life and your Sacred Path.
  • Powerful space stewarding guidance to create and facilitate deeply transformative and life changing containers of support 
  • Take active part in Cacao Ceremonies within this work if you desire to experience this magic and deepen your spiritual connection
  • A beautiful 2 night retreat within the UK.
  • Bonus two one to one sessions with me if paying in full.


Pay in Full Pricing £3333 

Bonus: pay in full and receive two 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions with me!

Monthly pricing:

£1222 x 3 months

£638 x 6 months

To book your place please email me at rathika@thespiritualpsychologist.co.uk or choose a payment link below.


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