Get a unique coaching experience that blends psychology with new age spirituality

My approach is unique. I bring traditional psychology together with new age spirituality to create a holistic experience enabling you to understand yourself better. To understand your emotions and to normalise these. 

I access all my skills to help you to get grounded, find clarity and to move forward with your life, whether this psychologically based, breath, meditation or energy based. Most likely a combination of all of them to get the best out of our sessions.

I booked a session with Rathika and she held space for me to let it all out, without any judgement and showed only compassion and encouragement. She helped me get my mind clear and also supported me with ideas on how to move forward and reminded me that it’s all ok and that feeling all the limiting and dark stuff is doing the work and that I was doing a great job. I'm so grateful for her, for her guidance and support.


The 3 hour Coaching Experience

Are you wanting coaching but are not yet ready to invest in my longer packages?

If so my 3 hour coaching experience would be perfect for you.

Over a maximum period of a month, you will experience two 1.5 hour coaching sessions with me.

These breaththrough sessions will allow for you to explore any challenges that you are facing and allow you to return to yourself.

You will leave understanding yourself better and having strategies to move forward.

The 3 hour Coaching Experience is £499

All coaching is delivered online

If you feel the call to work with me and just can’t explain why, then honour that instinct and guidance you’re receiving! Listen to your soul. It’s time for you to create the change.
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Watch my 6 Steps To Healing seminar now

This exclusive seminar will help you understand the 6 key steps you need to take when starting to heal yourself.