The Spiritual Psychology

Academy Of Healing

Activate and deepen your skills as a Visionary Healing & Growth Mentor


This is a journey of transforming your wisdom and skills into healing artistry as a mentor and spaceholder.

You are here to create experiences of authentic deeply rooted healing and growth. This is your mission. You know it in your heart but something is missing…

Imagine this:


The Spiritual Psychology

Academy Of Healing

Combining my experience as a psychologist and leader of 17 + years with the deep embodied mentorship spaces I have created as a coach and ceremonialist, I introduce to you my signature methodology that will enable you learn how to become a deeply impactful and authentic practitioner to guide people on their journeys.

You will be held and supported on your journey of ‘becoming’ within a powerful community.

AND you will receive a coaching certification at the end of the journey.

This is a training that encompasses 7 key areas of embodiment that will enable you to become a skilled Healing and Growth Mentor, shown below.

Introducing your facilitator, Dr Rathika Marsh

Dr Rathika’s 17+ years of leadership and trauma expertise enables her to support motivated leaders and entrepreneurs to feel supported and liberated in life and work.  Her soul-led mission is to skilfully support you to guide yourself and your clients through a whole range of challenges including the processing of trauma and emotional wounds from childhood and adult life.  

Dr Rathika provides training and highly skilled containers of heart based guidance, support and challenge to enable you to activate your gifts and LEAD from a place of embodiment in your LIFE and/or business.

What you will walk away with……

Feeling embodied in your position as a transformative leader and spaceholder within your industry.

Greater confidence to actually guide your clients (or future clients) through deeply healing containers of transformation.

Coaching Certification demonstrating that you are a Healing and Growth Mentor on successful programme completion.

A unique range of Spiritual and embodiment tools that you can use within your work.

The knowledge of how you can bring your own tools of healing into your work in an integrated way.

Embodied Processes and Tools to guide your clients through utilising psychology, spirituality and somatics.

The ability to work with the wounds that arise for others and for yourself in your work.

You will feel more regulated, nourished and resourced in your whole being whilst
also feeling excited and passionate about the spaces you are creating.

Do you feel this way?

Our Journey

The programme is a multi-layered journey with live ceremonies, coaching calls, and a pre-recorded training curriculum with monthly accessible modules for you to work through.

Enrol now to start any time from May 2024.

Explore the live ceremonies and calls:

Live Coaching Calls

You will receive live coaching calls every two weeks for a whole year from the start of your journey.  The live coaching calls will enable you to access any support around the training and receive guidance to activate your leadership as a guide and spaceholder for others.

Also expect surprise guest speakers along the journey, bringing their expertise to support you to develop your wisdom in guiding others.

Live Ceremonies

You will receive live ceremonial calls every two weeks for the year of this journey.  In these ceremonial calls, we will come together to go on a journey within.  You will be guided through ceremony, somatic and embodiment practices to liberate and step deeper into your leadership, activating your creativity and vision along the way.

Expect beautiful teachings from wisdom keepers within this journey from both a western and eastern lens.  Expect a growing library of amazing teachings from diverse leaders within this space.

Explore the curriculum

Receive the following pre-recorded content that will be accessible in short, easy to digest bite sized learnings.

This will provide you with the foundations that you need to become trauma attuned and effectively support clients through their healing and growth journeys.

The curriculum teaches you how to support your clients in transformative ways using the Spiritual Psychology signature multi-modality approach.

  • What are healing and growth spaces?
  • Creating your own aligned space
  • Understanding boundaries in your work with relation to your specific skillset and desires
  • Essentials to safe relationships within the containers you are creating
  • How to create relational safety
  • Who is the client and how this affects ‘transformation’
  • How to gather information and ‘assess’
  • Maintaining the relationship in your containers and what to do if there’s a breakdown
  • Creating endings to the spaces you hold
  • Understanding early experiences
  • Learn about the factors that make your client who they are today
  • Factors that affect the wellbeing of your client and how they show up
  • What is attachment?
  • The cycle of secure bonds and unhealthy bonds
  • The different attachment styles
  • The different types of trauma
  • PTSD and Complex PTSD
  • How trauma and emotional wounds can show up for you and your client
  • What is dissociation
  • Working with shame
  • How trauma stores in the body
  • What phase and readiness is your client at?
  • Navigating memories
  • Navigating Flashbacks
  • A safe process to support your client if these emerge
  • Building capacity and stability
  • The tools you need to feel confident in supporting a client through any emotional challenge or issue
  • Navigating ‘stuckness’ in your container of support
  • Boundaries around your capacity and skillset
  • How to manage challenges like self harm, suicide and eating disorders
  • Understanding what the mother and father wounds are and how they show up
  • How to support your client to heal the mother and father wound
  • Practices to guide healing and re-parenting
  • Safely guiding inner child healing
  • Practices to support your client
  • What is re-parenting?
  • Re-parenting strategies and growth
Explore and embed the core concepts to support and aid long term change for those you work with through understanding key elements:
  • Relationships
  • Attunement
  • Intentions
  • Working with wounds and regulation
  • Mirroring
  • Understanding your clients developmental gaps
  • Advocating self empowerment and internal locus of control
  • How to create unique tasks and activities for your clients based on their needs

Learn from all my ‘mistakes’ and learnings over the last 15 years of doing this work!  

  • Learn 6 key things to avoid that will support you do this work whilst protecting your energy and those you support
  • The benefits and challenges and working with your own fears
  • Dynamics and energy
  • Boundaries for both yourself and your clients
  • Different means of communication
  • In person spaces, creating and maintaining safety
  • What we need to know in supporting bipoc, indigenous and dual heritage communities.
  • How to create diverse and inclusive spaces and how we can start the journey of de-colonising ourselves from messages we have learnt.  
  • Learn to deepen your impact through understanding cultural, community and individual differences and understanding sensitivities that arise
  • Creating the blueprint that works for you and your values.
  • Overcoming challenges like comparison and staying in your vision and centred being.
  • Marketing in a way that feels authentic, ethical and that honours both you and your clients.
  • How to create a social media platform and history of work that authentically honours who you are and what you offer.
  • Teaching you the foundations of money management in business and personal life to allow for juicy abundance!
  • Becoming aware of and healing money wounds so you can allow greater abundance to flow in your service to others.
  • Marketing in a way that feels authentic, ethical and that honours both you and your clients.
  • How to create a social media platform and history of work that authentically honours who you are and what you offer.
  • How to approach social media to allow for both structure and flow in your content creation.

Coaching Skills

You’ll acquire the additional skills you need to add to your coaching.

How to support clients to move to a space of empowerment.

How to support and guide self compassion.

How to shift negative self talk.

How to enable self responsibility and empowering action.
Supporting conversations around future desires and vision.

Skill Building

Within this journey you will access monthly embodied skill building tools and processes. These will enable you to move beyond learning and actually practice and embody your facilitator skills and to take this to the next level of becoming transformational in your practice.  You will practice these in your own time (and you are welcome to connect and practice with others on this journey).  This will form part of the assessment process on your certification journey.

The training will enable you to practise the following skills:

Spirituality and Somatics

Learn how to take your client on embodiment journeys and invite in the wisdom of the body and spirit.

In this section of the programme you can will access teachings of how to guide journeys and access 6 different areas with spiritual and somatic practices that can be utilised in your work with clients focussing on the following areas. These can be used in your own healing and growth journey as well as in supporting your clients in and beyond sessions:



Processing & healing

Times of crisis
& emergency


creativity & flow

Special Gifts

A free gift worth £99

Access to the Healing through the Power of the Shadow Self course (a journey of exploring and understanding shadows and triggers, the mother wound, cultural and generational wounds and so much more). This can be used to guide yourself on your own journey but also in your work with clients.

What's the investment?

Pay in Full: £4,499


£825 x 6 months

£412 x 12 months

Bonus pay in full and receive a 60 minute 1:1 mentorship session
(a one to one space to overcome blocks, step into confidence and vision)


This is for you if you are new to leading spaces of healing and growth and are desiring to certify as a Coach and Healing and Growth Mentor.  It is also for the seasoned and experienced facilitator of healing who desires to go deeper into leading multi-modality and multi-dimensional spaces of healing.  

You will receive content at the start of your journey, continuing every month for 12 months.  You will also have a timetable of live calls.  Each month you will need to dedicate 12-15 hours to this journey dependent on your personal practices.  I invite you to practice practice practice what you will be learning and embody the skills. Whether you are new to this work or a seasoned practitioner, it is your responsibility to find people to practice these skills with, as this will most definitely support your growth.

This programme is trauma informed.  I am here to teach you how it is you can guide and serve others in powerful ways as they move through and navigate challenging emotions and past traumas that are showing up in their world currently.  I will also support you to understand your own boundaries around this work.

This programme is designed to support a range of leaders (whether new to this work or not) who desire to lead deeply authentically healing spaces of transformation for their clients whilst also creating integrity and safety in their work.  This is a unique journey of teaching you my unique methodology that has already been benefited from by a range of leaders including psychotherapists, coaches, embodiment practitioners and spiritual teachers.

Here’s the reality.  Trauma comes up in EVERY space, whether you are a business coach, an entrepeneur, a spiritual facilitator, a therapist or teacher (even more so in spaces which actively promote healing and growth).  It is our responsibility to have an understanding of what people may be bringing to our spaces and how to navigate and bring a deep sense of safety within them.  That’s what this journey enables you to do – to have an embodied understanding and also multi-modality skills and tools to keep people safe, challenge and guide them in a boundaried way and to create long term impact as a result.  It will uplevel your understanding, awareness and skillset but also your long term integrity as a spaceholder and business owner. And enable you to work in a unique way that merges different modalities of healing.

Yes! This will be on completion of the programme, assignment submissions and ongoing assessment through your devotion to the journey.  You will also be able to apply to receive accreditation with the ACCPH.   The ACCPH is an independent well respected professional body and register for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists. You will receive a Coaching Certification at the end of this journey on successful completion of this training..

  • Potent live calls, ceremonies, teachings and group coaching
  • A monthly pre-recorded accessible curriculum which will give you expert knowledge and understanding you need to become trauma attuned and support your clients in powerful ways in their healing.
  • Monthly content drops to teach you how to take your clients through actual healing processes
  • Monthly somatic and spiritual embodiment practices that you can use yourself and use to guide your clients
  • Private weekly voxer group support with guidance from myself for the entire duration of your journey (during specific days and working hours)
  • Written self reflective course material to support in deepening your personal journey

Our live calls will be held at 7pm GMT on a Tuesday, starting on the 21st May 2024.  (A timetable of exact call dates will be available nearer the time).

Replays will be available although we encourage you to be present for live calls (if these fit within your timezone) to make the most out of this training journey.  If the times do not work with your timezone, do not worry! Replays will be uploaded onto the learning platform within 24hrs of the call.  

There is expectation to complete the teachings, learnings and to be present for live calls (or have watched the replays if you are in a different time zone) as this will form part of the assessment process for completion of the programme.  There will be two assignments to be completed as part of the assessment process.


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