Within all of my packages of support and healing, I guide you as a spiritual coach drawing on my years of experience and trauma informed practice as an educational psychologist and mental health trainer.

I like many, have been on my own healing journey – one of exploring that feeling of not being enough, of not feeling worthy and of needing external validation in order to feel ok. My beautiful journey catapulted into one of self discovery when I entered the spiritual path of raising my conscious vibrations and taking responsibility for how I live my life and how I perceive this world.

I have in doing this developed an amazing sense of self love, of gratitude and of the abundance that I have and always will have in my life. I believe that suffering and pain is temporary and it is in these moments of darkness that you learn about yourself, that you see yourself – it is from these experiences that you can heal, grow and learn. I am truly grateful for all the experiences that I have had that have brought me to this place of beauty and peace today.

At a young age I became interested in mental health and this led me to completing my Psychology degree. I was interested in child development and so went on to become a teacher prior to completing my Doctorate in Educational Psychology.

I have worked in the field of education as a Psychologist which has given me a sound insight into child development and how this goes on to impact on the beliefs and models of thinking you develop as an adult. My journey continued as I re-found my interest in mental health and widened my scope to become a mental health trainer for mental health services in the UK.

My excitement working with adults on a daily basis alongside my own spiritual growth led to the creation of The Spiritual Psychologist, bringing together my wealth of Psychological knowledge and spirituality together to make a powerful difference in this world.

I am a free spirited soul, wife and mother to my boy and puppy angel Lunar.

In my highest excitement I love dancing at festivals and expressing myself through music, colour and dance.


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